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Troops in barrier relationship --- troops unity

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Learn to ride a horse from the start to find the feeling. First of all, to have the right people. In the equestrian sport, the rider to conquer the obstacles by horse, the two is a partnership, such as the relationship between people and friends, friends. But it belongs to the most selfless, different from the relationship between the human and the dog. To establish a partnership between men and men, only through harmonious work, can feel. Sagittarius, the rider will feel more; Namadang, even when the beast riders, the absolute lack of feeling, the horse is not willing to return to give him the, also occasionally horse in the race to the rider help. I think it is the grace of the horse, and since it is grace, there is no guarantee that there will be another one.
Horses do not speak, so a partner in the relationship between the people always take the initiative: some of the common horse, with some carrots, apples and other things to eat the horse to feed it, and then help the neck kiss frequency, as happy, this is very good. But to find out more, you have to take a deep layer of effort to care about it, care for daily intake, care about its grass, care about it in the training of lost sweat after iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc and so on. Because these are directly related to the horse bones, tendons, hoof quality, any one place the problem, are sufficient to make a good horse scrap. In fact, the horse knows, it is concerned about what level, in turn, it is certain to return your. Second, even the most promising horses, but also must be carefully trained to become a good horse. And this process is in the process of increasing, the rider in the process to find and establish a sense of. Riders generally with the tune of the tune, tune the whip, such as the basic training to do, and finally launched training. Tune the horse like eight big cuisines and hear every day, new, but some of the basic concepts or clear: for example, rider should than a horse. He went to teach a horse; horse power setting to more than a year of time, more haste, less speed, obstacle training horses need longer time. A horse and a teacher to establish a link, is not the other riders can not communicate it? Generally speaking, we are in accordance with the standard action training, that is, the use of "common language", so do not affect the communication. But at a high level, and the new riders need several months or even a year to reach a tacit understanding. Professional riders have a habit, unless invited, others can not ride a horse, but hit a high level of the coach, particularly want to give him his horse riding, seeking the horse can be improved. Familiar with people and the professional rider, riding his horse, out of politeness, riders had to ride him, etc. he dismounted, rider immediately launched, to walk, trot, run, the whole out again. His aim is like a tape recorder fire "magnetic", to erase the signal of friend just those disorderly imposed on the horse, the correct signal to pour into the, sensory recovery, maintain state.

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