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The earliest history of that race

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Chinese people are the earliest recorded history of horse racing betting nation.

Thank Sima Qian left us a wonderful history of ancient China. Tian Ji's horse racing story tells us, the latest in the 4th century BC, Chinese people have used horse racing betting on the winning or losing. Sun Bin Tian Ji listen to the recommendations by the clever arrangement of horse racing has won the daughter of the color. For a long time, the story demonstrated the light of wisdom and strategy obscures the historical fact itself that we now always think about horse racing horse racing originated in Britain. Also always thought that horse racing is mostly grassland national traditions, and the Central Plains Han little relationship. ( "Historical Records" Volume five: "the fifth grandson Qi Biography")

Of course, horse racing in the modern sense originated in Britain, this is correct. Like Gao Qiu is not playing modern football, there are strict regulations in many modern sport originated in Britain and Western countries. This phenomenon occurred in the shift of the world economic and cultural center of the same era.
Horse Racing and Equestrian Chinese modern sense originated in Shanghai, as China is a humiliation of the era came to China.

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